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Small Groups


People are not born good or bad, but become one way or the other depending on what they`re exposed to. Ministers are not born mature and upright, but become like that through a long, difficult process.


If a church lacks a certain category of servants, that is because it didn`t form them. Everything, from praying habits to the toughest ministries, requires training. Small groups meetings, divided according to age or to any other topic or interest, are the best place to learn, to grow spiritually and in fellowship.


The teaching during a church service addresses a diverse audience - youth and elderly, men and women, new and old believers. But the difference between their needs and expectations is so great, that they cannot be met except in a small group, where people have more things in common, and fewer differences.


There were many different groups of people gathered around the Lord Jesus- the crowds that followed Him, the seventy disciples, the twelve apostles, the three disciples, one person (the disciple whom Jesus loves, the Samaritan woman, Nicodimus…). But the intensity of the fellowship, of the teaching, the dedication, the discipleship was always greater when the group of people was smaller.


The church families grouped by age (Families, Youth), by gender (Men Ministry, Woman Ministry), Ekklesia College... all these are the best kind of places for efficient teaching and brotherly fellowship and ministry.


We are waiting for you to join us. You`re more than welcome!