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About Us


 The Church is the place where heaven meets earth, where God meets the people, where the mortals` destiny becomes immortal. The establishment of the Church is the reason for which Jesus Christ was born by Virgin Mary, 2000 years ago, He died, He rose, and thus became the people`s Savior.


The Church is not just a human organization because it has in its midst God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This is why the Church is holy. It is the place where God changes people, saves them from sin, heals their sickness; the Church is holy because God is present in its midst.


The Church is not a divine institution, because it has people in its midst - the reason for which it cannot yet be perfect. The conversion is an event that brings people to Church, while sanctification is a process that determines people to stay in Church, with the purpose of becoming like the Savior Jesus Christ - in thought, feeling, word, action. The process of sanctification becomes complete only when we get to heaven, at the second coming of Jesus Christ. That is why the Church, though holy by the presence of God in its midst, is, at the same time, flawed because if the presence of the people who are part of this sanctification process.


The Universal Church is the divine-human institution that brings together, at the same time and place and for the same purpose, with the same means and resources, God and regenerated people. The history of a local church shows its past performance; the vision of a local church shows what it plans for the future; while its projects and activity shows what it does in the present.


We are aware of the fact that the history of Planet Earth is quckly drawing to an end. The time that`s left is short. That is why we take up the responsibility of living with holiness and of serving with dedication. We are in this place and at this time to imitate the Lord Jesus Christ, humbly offering His love to a lost world, a world that`s been abandoned in sin. God commanded us to love and serve the others, to help them in their needs, to understand their weaknesses, to encourage them in their despair.


With God`s help, we intend to do all these things better and better everyday, convinced that according to what we are and what we do, He will know us when He comes back to take His Church to eternal glory.