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Each church member is an instrument in God`s hand for serving others. The various ministries do not differ in that some are very important and others less important- they are simply different and should be based on native or acquired talents. A person`s ministry must be in accordance with his ability, education, efficience, responsibility, and availability, so that the offering we bring to our King reaches excellence. These ministries are organized in departments which serve the church services and answer the congregation`s needs- the reason why the ministers are also called services.


The audio-video department uses the technical equipment to record, multiply, and broadcast the church services. Bethany Land offers assistance to children under 5 years of age while their parents worship God during church services. The bands and the musical groups are organized into Girls Choir, the Mixed Choir, the Brass Band, the Worship Groups, and the Orchestra - they all bring glory to God and joy to the heart of the congregation. The Ushers make sure that piety is kept and they also kindly accommodate all participants. The Church Bus offers transportation to the elderly - to and from church.


A man`s joy of salvation is expressed through serving others, because the man who loves God, also serves his fellow humans. Although ministry is not always easy, it must be done for the sake of our Savior who hung on a cross, even if that was not easy. The ministry all of us were called for is not an easy task, but it is both beautiful, and necessary; it does not tire us- it honors us. The harder it is, the more like we are the One we serve, Jesus Christ, the Lord of lords, the King of kings.


There is room for you. We invite you to serve along side. You are more than welcome!