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May 2012


pastor's page

May 2012

Mai 6


     After Solomon's death in 931 BC., the third king of Israel, the united kingdom was divided into two for the next two hundred years - Judah with its capital in Jerusalem and Israel with its capital at Samaria. During this time, Judah had 20 kings and Israel had 19. The kings of Judah were more spiritual and more moral than in Israel. One of the best kings of Judah was Jehoshaphat son of Asa. He became king in Judah at the age of 35 years and he reigned in Jerusalem 25 years. This history of his life and ministry is full of lesson for everyone’s life and Godly service.

I. Jehoshaphat’s Heritage

     His father, Asa, was a faithful man, a good king and an exceptional leader. With certainty his father, as a role model, greatly inspired Jehoshaphat.

II. Jehoshaphat's Faithfulness

A. He faithfully followed the example of his grandfather, David.

B. He was free from idolatry, being faithful to God.

C. He sought advice and followed the commandments of God.

D. He destroyed the idolatrous altars of the hills.

E. He trained the people, teaching them God's law.

F. He removed the sodomites out of the country.

G. He organized the country and army.

H. Neighbors were afraid of him and brought him gifts.

I. God established the kingdom of Jehoshaphat.

J. Jehoshaphat became great, famous, rich and respected.

K. God blessed the country with peace during his reign.

III. Squabbles with Ahab

     Ahab was king of Israel, and while Jehoshaphat was one of the best kings of Judah, Ahab was the worst king of Israel. He married Jezebel, Princess of the Sidonians. She brought Israel Baal and the Astarte, the cult that became the national religion. The prophet Elijah killed 450 prophets of Baal. When he was visiting his father-in-law in Samaria, Jehoshaphat was lured to fight with Ahab against the Syrians, with the intention of recovering the city. Jehoshaphat`s spirituality is emphasized when he advises Ahab to inquire of God through the prophet. Putting his father-in-law’s life in danger, Ahab disguises himself, dressing in other clothes, while Jehoshaphat insisted on going to war with his emperor clothes. With all his cunning plans, Ahab is killed by an arrow, “drawn at random", while Jehoshaphat is saved by God from death.

      Jehoshaphat's life history teaches us that obedience and faithfulness to God is rewarded, while evil is punished. Man is vulnerable, whether king or beggar, and life is in God's hands, regardless of circumstances.


May 13


     Today is a big day, in the conventional way, we honor our mothers and the mission that God entrusted to them. If we allow ourselves to transcend the peaceful reality of the spiritual dimension of the church, into the pagan world of the 21st century, we are confronted with a shocking reality, that stains or tarnishes Mother’s Day.

     The role of mothers is so important for human existence, in that when she no longer fears God, this world becomes a “hell on earth.” Looking back in history at the role of a woman, we observe with wonder and disappointment a continuous change in the model mother, value, and priorities in regard to life’s fundamental realities: man and woman, husband and wife, father and mother, parents and children. This further redefining of the model and values creates confusion, instability and chaos. The role of the woman in history is very diverse, and in every century, there was a launching of a new type of woman, a type that corresponds with the changing mentality of the time. In ancient times, we meet a type of woman that leads the country or world: Cleopatra, Debra or Esther

     In Medieval Times, woman was associated with temptation, being the principal reason man fell into sin. The model woman, in the first part of the 20th century, who was preoccupied with the house and family, was replaced by the model of the revolutionary woman. Beginning in 1970, the career woman was launched, whereby defending the first woman doctor, scientist, or the first woman to vote. Today we live in a world lead by people without God, and for this reason the most elementary of Christian values are being disregarded.  God, the Bible, prayer were removed from schools, institutions, and families, yet moral corruption, violence and madness have become the religion of the blue planet. Apart from these secular models that changed the position and role of woman from one epoch to another, the Bible promotes another type of woman, which is the same across all times.  This is the type of woman who is faithful, married, honest, loyal, fights for what she believes in, hardworking, calculated and influential. This is the woman who loves God, who fights for her family; it's the woman who gives birth, raises, and educates her children.

     The first woman, Eve, named "the mother of all living" not one who buries the dead (Gen 3:20).  In Romania, 11 million unborn children have been aborted in the last 10 years.  In the US 54 million pregnancies have been terminated in the last 37 years following 1973, the year abortion became legal.  The woman promoted by the Bible respects her husband and her parents and loves her children.  She is the woman who reads the Bible, fasts, and prays for her house and her country.  She is a modest woman, with a strong character, she is an honest and responsible woman, who attracts the respect of those around her.  She is a woman who does good, who donates, helps, is merciful and full of goodness.

     This is the girl, woman, mother that we honor today; whom we respect and talk of kindly at "the city gates" and whom we pray to blessed by the God of the heavens and the earth!


May 20

     Forty days following the resurrection while amongst his disciples, Jesus ascended to heaven. Ten days past this event, the Holy Ghost was sent by God the Father and The risen Christ to come down and fill the disciples and the other believers’ hearts from Jerusalem.

     God’s ascendance triggers a new spiritual dimension in His people’s lives. This event separates the Savior’s work from His work as a Comforter. It separates the acknowledgement of salvation from its application. The Holy Ghost comes down on earth and with His help the disciples begin the mass evangelism, spreading around the world what the Savior started in Jerusalem. The disciples receive the title of “witnesses”, the evangelic ground starts spreading “to the ends of the earth”, and the resources for this large organization are found in the “power received from the Holy Spirit”. This is how the Church comes about, how it expands and fills the earth. These events orchestrated by God the Father, accomplished by God The Son and put into practice by God The holy Ghost make up God’s salvation that is offered as a gift to all the people. This is proof of God’s love. This is proof that God cannot stand sin. This is proof that anyone can be saved thru faith and repentance, escaping eternal death in hell.

     God ascends to heaven while He was accompanied by the apostles and God’s angels. In fact, both angels and people were present to all acts of accomplished salvation.

     1. The proclamation of salvation

     The embodiment of our Savior is announced by the angels to Mary and her fiancé Joseph. The message of this event is the fact that God informs his dedicated followers, guides them and protects them forever.

     2. The embodiment of our Savior

     A group of shepherds that were guarding their flock at night receives a visit from a group of angels that informs them about God’s embodiment. The meaning of this message talks about how God does not leave anyone out of His grace, not even the insignificant ones.

     3. Our Savior’s death

     While God was praying in the Gethsemane garden, Jesus was under great torment, meanwhile the disciples fell asleep. Then an angel came to straighten Him. The message behind this circumstance is that no child of God will be left alone thru life’s problems and ministry difficulties.

     4. Christ’s resurrection

     Death, sixteen armed soldiers, the large stone that was covering the tomb and the roman seal were not enough to stop the resurrection. The message of this miracle is the fact that God has the last word, regardless of how deep is the whole that you find yourself in.

     5. The Savior’s ascendance into heaven

     While Christ was rising to heaven, the disciples were watching amazed. Two angels remind them that their target is the rapture and the Heaven but until then they need the power of the Spirit and to witness to the ends of the earth.