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Vision 2016



The church is the House of God on earth, it is the place where He is preparing people for the Kingdom of heaven. The Church's mission is to work with God for the fulfillment of this purpose, according to the commandments and ordinances of God in the Bible.

“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” (1 Corinthians 12:7)




1.         Once every several months we will organize evangelistic services at church, during the evening Sunday service. In a special way, the church members are encouraged to invite unbelievers to these services and to pray for their salvation, showing friendliness and hospitality so that they feel welcomed. It`s ideal for each person/family of unbelievers/new believers to be spiritually assisted and helped by a person/family of mature believers in our church.

2.         The sermon series on Sunday evenings will be entitled suggestively "The conversions of the Bible."

3.         The department of evangelizing women will organize socializing and evangelization meetings in small groups, inside or outside of the church property.

4.         We continue to pray at the church services for the salvation of unconverted people. The pastors and the spiritual counselors, helped by church members, will contact/visit such people in the Chicago area, in order to share with them the Gospel of the Lord. 

5.         We continue the weekly evangelization services in prisons, with the people who have a permit and have dedicated themselves for this ministry.

6.         The evangelization of the lost souls was the main responsibility of the Savior Jesus Christ and it is the main objective of the Lord`s Church. Accepting this responsibility by faith, we will continue to produce and sponsor an evangelistic TV program in Romania, broadcasted through the national television channel NASUL TV, through the well-known Christian program called “The Good Shepherd”. According to the statistics, the “The Good Shepherd” program is watched by two hundred thousand Romanians weekly. The evangelistic program is produced by our church, and it is made up of a sermon, meditations and Christian songs. This program will be broadcasted in the entire country, on NASUL TV, each Saturday morning between 10:00 and 11:30 AM, Romania’s time. The price for filming, editing and broadcasting is approximately $3,700 a month.

7.            Sermons in English at the Sunday evening services, whenever it`s possible.  

8.            The church website and “The Good Shepherd” website, through the live broadcastings or other resources they offer (sermons, articles, pastor`s page and church services) are free means of evangelization, discipleship and worship for all the people who access them. Also, they are methods of ministry, since people can use them to make donations to the church.



1.         Bible studies with the congregation on Thursday evening services:

1a.                      “The Sacraments of the Church”  

1b.                     “The Study of the Book of Acts”  

2.         The study of the Bible books at the Sunday morning service (the first of the two sermons).

3.         During the Sunday morning prayer time, one of the exhortations will be given in English, for the young, English speakinggeneration.
4.         Bible studies and fellowship with families 0-6 years of marriage (that is, families who got married after January 1, 2009), on "The Family Monday". Due to the bilingual context, the fellowship/study meeting in will be separated for the two groups.
5.         Conferences and seminaries of instruction and maturing with the church departments or groups of believers or ministry: families, brothers, sisters, preachers, leaders, teachers...
6.         Services of insisting prayer for the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, several times a year, especially at the beginning and at the end of the year. 
7.         The week of prayer and fasting, Tuesday – Friday, March 8 to 11; each fasting day will end with a church service in the sanctuary, 7:00-9:15 PM.
8.         Bible lessons for the Sunday School children ages 3 to 14 (10:20 AM - 12:00 PM). The children will go on vacation on the Sunday of June 5 and the classes will resume on September 18.  

9.         Romanian language lessons for the Sunday School children every Sunday, 9:30-10:20 AM

10.     Bible lessons, worship and prayer with the children of Bethany Kids, each Sunday evening, between 6:00 and 8:15 PM. The English speaking preachers of our church will take turns delivering a short sermon in English.

11.     Camp with the Sunday School boys and girls, February 20-22.

12.     Vacation Bible School for the Sunday School children, June 22-26.

13.     Camp for the Sunday School children, August 14-16.

14.     On the second Sunday evening of each month we organize the “Youth Night”. The musical program will be performed by the youth (youth choir and orchestra) and one of the two sermons will be delivered in English (or translated in English).

15.     Camp with the young boys and girls from the Youth Department, April 22-24.

16.     Youth Camp, May 27-30 and October 8-10.

17.     Three meetings a year with the church leaders, after the Holy Communion service, on January 17, June 5 and December 4.

18.     Catechism Class with the people who want to get baptized in water.  


1.         One or more periods of fasting and prayer of 3, 7, 21 or 40 days during the year

2.         Prayer, singing, praise, and worship on every:

        a) Sunday, 9:00–9:55 AM; 6:00–7:30 PM          c) Thursday, 7:00–7:30 PM   

       b) Tuesday, 7:00–9:00 PM                                  d) Friday, 7:00–7:30 PM

3.         On the Holy Communion Sunday, personal prayer time between 8:00 and 8:45 AM

4.         Interceding prayer group every Sunday between 5:00 and 5:45 PM

5.         The Sunday School children will have 30 minutes of prayer and singing every Sunday between 9:00 and 9:30 AM.

6.         The Kids Choir will perform periodically and at certain church events.

7.         The Thursday service musical program will be led by one band / group, taking turns.

8.         The carols concert on Sunday evening, December 18.

9.         The youth caroling on Thursday, December 24 and the Sunday School caroling on Saturday, December 12.  


             Meetings with the entire congregation or small groups, with the purpose of knowing each other better and closer, refreshing the vision and strengthening the spiritual unity of the church:

1.         The General Assembly of the church members on Sunday, January 31 AM

2.         The Convention fellowship meal, September 5 

3.         Several services of vigil, prayer, and fellowship

      Good Friday prayer service, March 25

4.         Conferences and seminaries with various groups of believers: families, brothers, sisters, leaders, teachers

5.         Fellowship meal with the elderly on Saturday, April 16

6.         On the last Friday of the month, after the service, meal for the youth (8:30-10:30 PM)

7.         The Sunday school children will have their graduation program on Saturday, June 11.



1.         Remodeling the Christian Center (Phase 1 remodeling)

2.         Hosting and organizing the Convention of the Pentecostal Church of USA and Canada between September 2-5

3.         Visits to the USA and Canada churches in order to invite the brethren to the Chicago Convention. These visits will be done by the Senior Pastor and the Assistant Pastors (musical groups and/or church bands).

4.         The Pastors` Conference, April 7-9, hosted by the First Romanian Pentecostal Church of Seattle, will be organized by the local church and by Bethany Church of Chicago, the host of the 2016 Convention.

5.         Sister Adina Simoniak will offer spiritual counseling to the women in need of help.

6.         Family Alasu Mircea and Cornelia is responsible to visit, encourage and help the elderly persons/families.  

7.         Family Olărescu Dionisie and Tenzi is responsible to visit, encourage and help the widows/widowers.

8.         Sister Cati Tiriteu, with a group of sisters, will organize hospital visits of the sick.

9.         The church will have a special assisting account in the treasury, gathered from the offerings on the Holy Communion Sundays, the offerings on Tuesday nights and from one or two special offerings from throughout the year, for the purpose of helping the brothers/families in need. The Church Board will conduct a detailed research of each case and will help the particular person or family according to the need they have, but also according to the financial possibilities of the church. Also, the Church Board and the censors shall keep the confidentiality of these people's name.              

10.     A church family sponsors two pastors and a conductor in Romania with $11,000 a year.

11.     The sisters' department continues to sponsor the following projects:    

a) Pastor Daniel Budişan from Buzău, with $450 a month.

b) A family of social workers from God`s Family with $200 a month (Lidia Project)

12.     Sunday school continues to sponsors Bethany House in Călăraşi, Romania with $500 a month (Little Missionary Project).

13.     The need for volunteers for the Christian Center remodeling

14.     We transport the elderly church members to and from the Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday services.

15.     The Church Board will evaluate the leaders.

16.     Bethany Land offers care for the children 1½ to 3 years of age, during the three weekly services, with the help of volunteers.

17.     At Bethany Kids, the teachers organize Bible programs with the children who are ages four to seven years old, only during the Sunday evening service. By rotation, one of the English preachers of the church will hold a sermon in English.