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The Bethany Church Library was founded in 2005, as an older project of the Board. It is intended to offer the church members and the visitors as well, a large variety of books, magazines, CDs and other Christian resources - both in Romanian and in English...Read more...

The Audio-Video team is made up of several young church member volunteers who offer their time and knowledge for the Lord and His ministry. They record each Thursday, Sunday AM and Sunday PM service (audio and video) and offer it to those interested...Read more...

The Bethany Church Ushers Department has developed as the number of church service attendants grew. The approximately 20 ushers were chosen from among the church members. They are men and women who, through their attitude, their dress code, and even their life, represent our church for all the guests, starting with their first step inside the building...Read more...

The church bus drives our elderly to each service and back home. If you are interested in helping out, please contact brother Cornel...Read more...